Working Cases Money amulet in Thailand and Car Insurance in the US

Case Study #2

Vertical: Finance

Offer: Car Insurance


Targeting: The US has more mobile traffic at a lower price. That’s why only mobile devices were targeted.

Marketing funnel: ad → prelander → landing page

A user could choose an insurance type on the prelander based on their preferences. As a result, we got an engaged user, who was ready to make a purchase.

What is more, the prelander helped to collect the audience for retargeting.


Creatives used during the campaign:




From our experience, such offers deliver good results using the following methods:

  • Creatives with a police officer stopping the driver, talking to them;
  • Photos of a car accident can be used (without serious damage and fatalities, an emergency sign can be used, etc.);
  • The text should focus on the new, unknown rule for drivers (macros such as {City}, {Region} work well). It’s also important to highlight the possibility to save money and show the secret way not to overpay for car insurance. 

Campaign results:

These pieces of advice will make your life easier when working with similar offers:

  • The average CPC rate for this vertical is between $0.05$0.11. The recommended rate for new campaign launch in the US for mobile devices is $0.15$0.16.
  • Due to similar audience behavior online, this funnel and these creatives will work for Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries (UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, ES).
  • We recommend using white/blacklists (this information can be provided by your account manager).
  • Target your campaigns by the device (desktop or mobile) and type (native or push).
  • Use geo-targeting based on a specific region.
  • Additionally, you can set audience retargeting. Such products are not usually purchased impulsively, and sometimes you need to make several contacts with users to make them buy this product. It’s better to retarget the audience with other funnels, providing more details about a product/service. If the product wasn’t interesting for a customer from the very beginning, it’s important to convince them with additional info, discounts, etc.