Run Engaging Push Notification Campaigns with MGID

It’s been almost three months since MGID started working with push traffic. We collaborated with our top advertisers, ran tests and collected feedback. As this ad format outperformed the expected results, we came up with a new efficient solution to accommodate the advertisers’ needs. From now on you can run push traffic campaigns in a separate interface!

What are native push notifications?
Native push notifications are clickable messages that pop up from an app or website. They provide convenience and value to the customers. For the advertisers, push notifications are a way to speak directly to the user. They don’t get caught in spam filters, or left forgotten in an inbox — click-through rates can be twice as high as email. Push notifications help generate large volumes of traffic at reasonable prices, allowing to define and reach the target audience accurately, based on its content consumption preferences.

Here’s how the native push notifications look on a user’s device:

Why should I try setting up a push-notification campaign?
Push notification ads are delivered directly to the engaged users across devices. They stand out from other ad formats in a couple of ways.
Increase traffic: push notifications help retain the users. Not only do they deliver relevant messages, but also remind the users the app or website exists. Plus, since the users need to subscribe to a website’s or app’s notification, it rules out the very possibility of bot traffic presence.
Foster engagement: each message updates the customers on what’s new and can drive them towards an action.
Empower users: users control the push notifications. They can easily customize what notifications they see and how they see them. Consequently, push keeps a customer connected, not annoyed.
Allow easy A/B testing: by customizing creative images and ad content, you can easily A/B test variations to see what performs best.
Provide statistics for optimization right away: you can start measuring the engagement at once by looking at the percentage of the users who click each creative. This makes it easy to start optimizing for higher CTRs, which usually correlate with higher conversion rates.

Why MGID’s push notification campaigns in particular?
We work with our publishers directly and partner with news and entertainment websites. MGID’s new solution enables publishers, who activate our push notifications, to retain users, by delivering relevant and timely information to the subscribers. And only every other push notification we send advertises goods or services and generates revenue share for our publishers.
Thus, we mix native with promoted content in push, providing value to the customers, engagement and retention to the publishers, and conversions to the advertisers.

What offers can I run on push?
We took our own expertise in native advertising and brought it to the push notifications. They’ve become more effective in all verticals, especially in sweepstakes, vouchers and coupons; online dating; gambling and entertainment; health and beauty; sexual wellness. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for recommendations.

How can I create a native push campaign?
If you’ve already created an ad campaign in the MGID dashboard before, you’ll know what to do.
Just choose a “PUSH” campaign type from the drop-down menu and follow the usual steps:

Check out our Native Push Notifications Tutorial for detailed guidelines.

Last month MGID delivered almost 400 million notifications to users around the globe, and this number is increasing every day. So if you’re willing to get access to millions of potential customers worldwide, try MGID’s new solution! Our account managers will help you create a perfectly optimised native push notification campaign.