Best practices for MGID Publishers

Best practices for MGID publishers

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Ad unit creation

  • Give new widgets at least 30 minutes to load before placing them on the site.
  • By default, all widgets are responsive and will fit given space entirely. “Fixed width” is not recommended.
  • Under article placement tends to show the highest performance possible. It is recommended to keep 3-4 images in a row.
  • Name your widget by placement, eg: “Under Article”, “Sidebar’ etc. to keep track of their performance.


  • Use 1 image in a row for sidebar placement.
  • Use different titles for the widget. You have an option from “Promoted Content” to “Check this out” in widget creation window.


  • Most effective font size is between 14 px and 16 px
  • Most effective image size is 328x328px for square images and 492x328px for rectangular.


  • Match the widget’s design to the website’s design. But always show the user that the content in the widget is sponsored.
  • Use no more than 3 different widgets on the same page.
  • Keep the widget as close to the actual content as possible.
  • Avoid using native ads in banner placements.
  • Always place ads above comment section.
  • Check if the website has a mobile version and make sure that the widget displays properly on both mobile and desktop versions of the website.

Performance optimization

  • Using only 1 widget? Add another widget to the sidebar or your header section!
  • Make sure to also place the ad unit on mobile version of the site.
  • Always pay attention to visibility ratio. When Visibility is below 75%, consider moving the ad unit closer to actual content of the page to not loose ad impressions.


  • Visibility of the widget might be affected by placement on the mobile site. Make sure everything looks good there.
  • Increase the number of rows in the widget to boost your RPMs.


  • Analyze your stats by days. When making any changes, always check the detailed statistics by days to see actual changes.


  • Request stats with country breakdown by widget from your manager or support team for even more data for analysis.



  • Visit “Payouts” page for all of your payment related questions at
  • Make sure you put your payment details by the end of your first month in order to get paid without any delays.
  • Track your payments status on the “Payouts” page of the Publishers section.