Webinar: Take Control of Your Native Ad ROI with Selective Bidding

We have just released our highly-coveted Selective Bidding feature to self-service advertisers. Now anyone can have the industry’s most sophisticated bidding tools at their fingertips.

Join Brett Rothenberg for a webinar on Oct 15 at 10AM PST about how to make the most of your ad spend using Selective Bidding. See the tool in action and find out how you can boost high-performing traffic without having to waste money on low-performing websites.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and strategically bid for traffic from high-quality and relevant websites
  • How to minimize and mitigate low-performing websites
  • How to structure your bids to make the most out of every cent

See Selective Bidding in action and stop losing opportunities to acquire the best-performing traffic.

Hope to see you soon!

Update: Here is the video of the webinar!