How To Get More Out Of MGID (Part 6)

Using MGID Flexible Widget (With installation mini-manual)

The flexible widget is a simple original widget which is stretching through your sidebar to the bottom (or in a desirable range), automaticly adding required amounts of news to fill all available space.

Let’s sum up some advantages of the MGID Flexible widget:

– unlimited number of news articles shown (limited only by the height of your page space)

– feeds the space which is vacant but potentially useful

– vast variety of news categories that could be shown simultaneously because of the news quantity

– flexible adjustment next to family-friendly content and designed like an original web-page.

Hot to install the Flexible Widget?

Once you request MGID News Flexible widget you will be provided with the widget code, which contains the script itself, and the stretching tag.

To install the Flexible widget you should insert the main part of the code wherever the widget starts. Nine times out of ten this place is the end of the sidebar area/column section.

The other part – the stretching tag – should be put wherever one wants the widget should be ended. Generally its the footer area or just the bottom of the page.

Main part of the code:

<!-- MGID News Widget Start -->
<div id="MarketGid****"><center>
<a href="" target="_blank">Loading...</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
var MarketGidDate = new Date();
document.write('<scr'+'ipt type="text/javascript" '
+ '" charset="utf-8" ></scr'+'ipt>');
<!-- MGID News Widget End -->

Stretching tag:

<span id="MGDW6437"></span>

To see how Flexible Widget looks like on website check out this Example

Unlike the simple vertical widget (which is actually limited) this type of widget spans practically the whole free space in the section where it is placed. This allows you to get more page views, clicks and visitors respectively.