How To Get More From MGID (Part 3)

Making News By Yourself. Part Three. Choosing Pictures.

Since the picture is the the first thing which people see on widgets, it could be the determining factor in ‘clickableness’ of the news.

Here are some guides to choose the best picture:

  • it should be bright
  • it should be of good quality and high resolution
  • it should attract attention with something unusual, beautiful or funny (depending on the category)
  • minimum size of the picture is 300×300 px

Pictures that are NOT allowed for use include:

  • pictures with nudity, freaks, scams, bad words, scary, violent or disturbing content
  • pictures with piercing or tattoos)
  • pictures that can cause ANY sexual associations (exposure, strip, underwear, swimsuits, sexual poses and gestures)
  • pictures with underage persons can’t be used in news about sex or relationships
  • pictures with children can’t be used for Humor & Fails categories
  • pictures with commercial or advertising materials
  • pictures where faces could be identified, for news about illnesses, fails or bad jokes (pranks)
  • pictures with alcohol and cigarettes
  • pictures that promote any/all kind of drugs or unhealthy lifestyle

Other guidelines to stick with MGID news making requirements:

  • try to find as relevant a picture as possible
  • it’s not recommended to use pictures with females for categories: Technology, Travel, Humor, Internet because when they all appear on widgets or pop-unders at the same time it confuses and distracts a visitor. But for categories: Celebrities, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness, Health, and Relations it is common.
  • news for Politics category should be polite and neutral

There’s no better way to understand the meaning of the good choice of a picture, than to see an example:

So, now you’re ready to get more traffic to your website! It might seem a little bit complicated, but it’s all about practice. You should remember only one thing – be creative, create interesting, attractive, but relevant and truthful news. We suppose, as a publisher, you already know how to create catchy articles, therefore you should know how to promote them well!

Good luck and keep in touch. We will soon post about how to use other methods of gaining more traffic, like:

  • correct widget placement
  • the usage of pop-unders
  • the usage of the rubber widget

See you soon!

The MGID Guys