How To Get More From MGID (Part 1)

Making News By Yourself. Part One. Basics.

Do you want to get maximum traffic from MGID and keep our system giving you 250-300% or more traffic back? Then this article is for you because now we’ll talk about making news by oneself.

What does it mean?

As you have already noticed, MGID’s system works on the basis of widgets, that contain different amount of “news” – Pictures with headlines. Making news by yourself means that you can choose from your articles the ones which you (or better – your visitors) define as good and clickable or just want to try to promote them. Use your statistics to find the most popular pages or just experiment. Not all of your chosen articles could be clickable and give visitors, but sooner you’ll dig the most trendy topics. (I would say ‘you’ll dig out’ or simpy ‘determine’ the most trendy topics)

Why should I do this?

Nobody knows your content as good as you! And you know what can attract your visitors better. It can also increase efficiency of the system and provide you with more traffic.

How can I do this?

Just ask your manager to open the creative section on your MGID administrative page and after that you’ll get access to the news creation mode. Just fill the simple form by adding the URL of the promoting page, Headline of the article, Preface, choose Category and Picture – and that’s all! Your news will be pending conformity and then, if relevant, they will start to attract visitors to your web-site.

The most important thing here is News Creation Rules. If you won’t follow them, chances are your news getting a broader readership will decrease.

News creation rules?

There a 3 simple rules to follow:

1. The title should be 4-6 words (30-35 characters maximum), description shouldn’t consist of more than 50-60 characteres. Title & description should be different.

2. minimal image size – 200*200

3. it is forbidden to use hot, horror or disgusting pics and indecent and vulgar words

But due to the fact that MGID is mostly working with big sites with good reputation, there are some restrictive guidelines upon news look and content.

Things that are not desirable to use:

– dot in the end of the description. We use only triple-dot when it’s needed

– photos of hot underage-looking girls

– sexual implication in the title, pictures which provoke sexual desires,  articles concerning subject matter of ‘sexual interest’

– articles with horror, violent, creepy or disgusting content

– such words for the Title or Description: Sex, Sexual , Sexy, P*rn, Sperm, Butt, Breasts, Nude, Naked, Topless,  Orgasm,  Sh*t, Bastard, A**hole, WTF, Kickass etc.

– articles about Alcohol, Pills, Drugs, Smoking (if they are written in positive way)

– articles with free software download and online music/video (Torrents, RapidShare, Mediafireetc)

– articles of political, religious and social subject area which contain abuse or offensive content

– photos that contain Photoshop modifications of human bodies or faces, especially if they are creepy or disgusting

– pics with people in swimwear, pics with skull, swastika on it

– pics with watermarker

Also all news should be relevant and the title should be truthful and give as much information about the article as possible.

We hope that there will be no problem for you to adhere these guidelines. Follow MGID blog and get more tips to make your news irresistible!