Google Says ‘Yes’ To Solar Energy!

Investing $168 Million in a Giant Solar Farm

In our world with dominating oil companies it’s hard to imagine how alternative power recourses can be introduced without significant efforts and massive patronage. Maybe that was a reason for Google Corp. to invest more than $160 million in latest solar power energy project developed by BrightSource Energy.

When completed in 2013, the Mojave Desert-based Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will send approximately 2,600 megawatts of power to the grid, doubling the amount of solar thermal power produced in the U.S and generating enough electricity to power 140,000 California homes when operating at full capacity, informs.

“We’re excited to be making our largest clean energy investment to date. With this investment, we’re helping deploy the first commercial plant of a potentially transformative solar technology able to deliver clean energy at scale,” said Rick Needham, Director of Green Business Operations at Google, in a statement. “Ivanpah will be the largest solar power tower project in the world, able to produce clean electricity at the highest efficiency of any solar thermal plant.  We hope it can serve as a proof point and spur further investment in this exciting technology.”

Well, Google Knows Everything… they may know much more than we could even imagine. Anyway it looks like a good investment in the Future, the only future that could exist with neo-technologies, clean environment and smart energy.