Help Japan. Make a Difference

Hello! This is a very important post.

As we all know, people in Japan are going through a serious tragedy caused by the natural disasters.

According to reports, more than 6,400 people have died, more than 10,200 people are still reported missing and more than 390,000 people live in shelters.  Rescue efforts are complicated by aftershocks, tsunami alerts, radiation risks from damaged nuclear plants, electricity outages, snow and freezing temperatures.

Once again nature showed people, who the master is. It reminds us how fragile our existence is, and that we shouldn’t waste it for destruction or greed, but to help each other. There’s a way any blogger or any other person can help Japanese people in these hard times.

“Network for Good” lists organizations which gather relief donations to help:
Through this page you can donate to one of those organizations or make a donation to Network for Good, so that it will distribute it across all the organizations listed on their help page.

One of the easiest ways that you can help the quake victims is to identify your favorite charity and add a Hello Bar to the top of your blog.  It’s completely free and it takes less than 10 minutes to set up and paste the code into your blog.  It keeps the rest of your blog completely intact, and just adds a customizable call to action link across the top.
There’s another simple way – set up your own donation page to support the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.  You can click here to make a secure online donation to the American Red Cross team, or to quickly create your own donation page.

Remember that disaster can strike upon anyone anytime. Help those who need it – make a difference.

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