Fundamental Blogging Tips


This is the first post for the MGID blog. It is going to be about the fundamental knowlege of blogging with some really useful facts. So please, trust me and read on :)

Recently I was stalking through the Internet trying to find some really good tips for bloggers and found another common-named article about Rules-For-Bloggers-Stuff. We all know that most of these rules are of little use, but this article was a little different. Named as “The 11 Definitive Rules of Blogging”, “this post was inspired by a variety of comments, tweets, and blog posts of late that suggested or other well-known blogging “experts” teach “rules” or “system” of blogging.”
The reason why I liked this post is that it’s very true.
Here are these rules:

The truth is that there are no rules. Really, as it was written in the original article on – “most of the successful blogs that I’ve come across have something unique about them. It might be the personality or voice of the blogger, the topic, the design, the fact that they were first, that they’re funny, that they’re comprehensive and thoughtful, that they post 100 times a day, or that they post once a month… But each of them is unique somehow. Successful bloggers tend to forge their own path”
I absolutely agree! Blog is like a piece of art. Your own piece of art with your own rules. The art of design, word and promotion. It must be unique, it must be filled with your will and passion!
But the most common problem of all blogs – they tend to forget about promotion and attraction of new visitors, or they’re just doing it wrong.
As I can tell from my own two-year blogging experience and three-years of working with hundrets of blogs – there is no better way to be successful, but to use some “special tricks” to get more traffic.
One of these special tricks is using web 2.0 traffic exchange systems.
It can help both begginers and experienced bloggers.
What are the conclusions? Show the world something unique, and use efficient promotion tools!