Building Remarkable Content – 5 Golden Rules

In this post we’ll find out how unique, great, admirable content can be compiled.

There are 5 rules, let’s take a look:

1. Education

It’s all about information, useful information. Don’t even try to sell something to your reader because he won’t return ever again. Give only desirable information – the most expensive recourse of our days, and visitors will come over again and again for more.

2. Personality

Don’t be another junk blog that steals real content to earn a few bucks. Yes it’s quite difficult to create unique content and bring a consistent voice and personality to it but you will soon be rewarded with reader’s loyalty. After all, isn’t it a good feeling when you’re doing something yourself like a professional? Nothing comes free, everything should be learned. Just try, start with a little amount of content and then grow your abilities to write and become independent professional blogger with your own unique content!

3. Headline

Once again – headline is everything. Statistics say that only 20% of all readers will read the rest of the article. The huge amount of 80% reads only headline. So, headline should be as informative as possible! Also it should not be very long and with article’s keywords at the beginning. As an example, let’s take the headline of this article – “Building Remarkable Content – 5 Golden Rules”. See? The keywords – “building” and “content” stand in the first place. Others are additional information and frippery… I think that in some of the future articles we’ll talk more about headlines.

4. SEO in mind

In previous article, we mentioned about the role that SEO plays in the process of site promotion. In few words – it almost doesn’t matter how good and unique your content and headline are, if reader can’t find them through the search engines – they’re useless. Sad but true.

5. Respect the reader

ALWAYS think about your readers! Imagine that you’re common reader of your own blog and try to analyze how relevant your content is. When you create content that both benefits your readers and makes them feel good, you’ll find that your marketing goals become a lot more achievable.

Now remember these rules and get to work! You can do it!