Best 7 Tips To Write A Good Article

Unfortunately there are no “golden rules” of how to write a 100% good and interesting article for a blog, but there are a couple of things you need to know to make your results better & process easier.

1. Make a list of what you would like to share in your article. It will make your message more consistent and meaningful. The list will also help avoid confusion in the formulations.

2. Make an article quite short. A lot of material can fear away your reader. (But it should be understandable anyway)

3. Tell at least something from your own experience. Add examples to make material more understandable and give it some personality. For example, when I was getting ready to write this post, first I created a list of things to speak about as it was mentioned before. First it was like this:

- make a list
- short article
- own experience
- list article
- series article
- freebies

and then I started to fill this list with explanations. As for me, this is the easier way to compile an article.

4. Let pictures appear among the text! It will make post much interesting.

5. Sometimes it’s better to make a list article. The post written this way becomes more informative or entertaining. And headlines like “Top 10 Things You Can Do With Your Hands” or “Best 7 Tips To Write A Good Article” would likely attract readers.

6. Series article is also a great idea. Good series will extend the number of returning visits. You can see that any well-done blog includes at least one or two series of posts (it could be “Daily Funny Pictures”, “Monday Tips” or “Weekend Video Collection”). All you need is to simply make your series unique, interesting or useful and post them in time and readers will follow your updates.

7. Freebies or giveaways. Free material that describes the solutions to some problems, a detailed explanation of some topics or anything from design stuff like icons or templates will surely attract people. You just need to spend a few weeks to write such material. Even the smallest 10-20 pages can be fateful. And the psychological aspect of “free material” plays a great role here!