15 Jul

Traffic quality study report


This study contains data analysis from MGID, a global leader in native advertising, a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and a native advertising marketplace that connects thousands of websites with millions of people annually to targeted entertainment and lifestyle content.

MGID takes traffic quality very seriously and, therefore, tracks website traffic from the ad network in real time so that clients are not charged for invalid clicks, no matter the origin.

The strict quality assurance system blocks more than 10 million clicks a month, saving up to a third of their client’s ad budgets.

The system is in place to mitigate the threat that invalid clicks pose to the MGID network and the profitability of the company and all of its clients. To uphold quality assurance, it is critical that malicious traffic is eliminated before it even enters the network.

Source of our data

To get the insights we are sharing here, MGID collected data on traffic quality from more than 3,000 websites in our native advertising network and analyzed a sample of more than 113.5 million clicks that occurred in Q1 of 2015 to provide the ‘big picture’ of the nature and the proportions of valid and invalid clicks in the native advertising industry.

MGID’s quality assurance department compiled all of the data into a report and then analyzed the findings.

The nature of invalid traffic

Not all invalid clicks are a result of malicious activity.

Invalid Clicks Types:

  • Fraud: Traffic from malicious activity designed to trick the network for more revenue
  • “Good” Bots: Traffic from automated web crawlers for activities like analytics — not actual human traffic
  • Other Invalid: Traffic from accidental or repetitive clicks, etc.

Invalid Traffic by Types

Of all the invalid and blocked website traffic to the MGID network, the majority of the traffic came from web-crawlers and “good” bots. While important, this is not considered valid traffic, since it is not human-generated.

Fraudulent traffic was the lowest portion of invalid traffic at 26% and ranked below accidental clicks.

Invalid traffic by types

Invalid vs. valid clicks by geo

When looking at all types of invalid clicks, including good bots, accidental and fraudulent, the U.S. leads the world at 51% with no other country or region coming close to its margin share—the U.K. holding the largest share at only 7%.

For comparison, only 34% valid clicks come from the USA.

Breakdown of invalid clicks by geoValid clicks by geo

Fraudulent traffic by geo

The U.S. and the U.K. lead the world by a large margin on fraudulent traffic.

To a lesser extent Asia and India make up a sizable portion as well.

Fraudulent clicks by geo

“Good Bots” By GEO

When parsing the data by only “good” bots traffic, the U.S. accounts for the vast majority of traffic to the platform.

"Good bots" by geo

Traffic breakdown

As we see, though the U.S. accounts for the world’s biggest share of fraudulent traffic, this type of traffic constitutes relatively low percentage in it’s total traffic (around 4.26%).

Traffic quality breakdown

The numbers prove that overall the traffic from the U.S. is of high quality and its majority share of invalid clicks in worldwide traffic are due to the U.S.’s overall leading position on the marketplace, as well as high demand for traffic from this country.

There is an assumption in the advertising and marketing industry that malicious and fraudulent traffic comes from “overseas” in places like Asia, however the data shows that the U.S. leads the world in fraudulent traffic.

Fraudulent traffic aside, it is of interest also that the U.S. leads the world in overall invalid clicks as well by a huge margin.

Download this report as PDF

23 Oct

MGID Grows Traffic for Sports and Gaming Websites


Digital media giant MGID Inc. announces the launch of their Sports and Gaming sub-networks. These networks were created for advertisers and publishers who want to attract more high quality and relevant traffic to their websites, increasing their audience in an intelligent way.

The new MGID Inc. initiative will cater to the growing Sports and Gaming categories in a way which ease the process of increasing pages viewed through the rise of relevant users. Many reputable websites with premium content from their respective categories, have already joined the new sub-networks and are enjoying its benefits.

"The launch of these two highly anticipated sub-networks, resulted from long discussions with partners and clients, as well as users – who are our core focus." - commented, Nick Marr, Company Director (MGID Europe). "These sub-networks open some very attractive opportunities for websites with Sports and Gaming content. I believe the Sports and Gaming sub-networks will allow relevant websites to see their traffic growth potential explode.” 

Being a part of the Sports and Gaming sub-networks allow advertisers and publishers to:

- Get a 10%-15% increase in page views
- Increase the number of relevant unique visits
- Raise in ads revenue from banner impressions
- Get the opportunity to promote/advertise content on a huge network of websites
- Save money – MGID does it for free and it’s an easy process to start

Example of a gaming widget

Example of a sports widget

4 Jul

How to Market Your Brand on Pinterest

With more than 100 million visitors every month, Pinterest is now officially the 3rd largest social media network in the world, with Twitter and Facebook heading up the pack. That’s a huge number of potential customers.  Even more interesting for marketers, according to a recent study, is that an average of  9% of Pinterest follow retailers, which is more than any other social media.

Pinterest is all about sharing great images. You pin the ones you love, share them with your friends, and they do the same. Most users are 25 – 55 and most users, about 70% are female.  Pinterest users also have above average incomes.  The site is especially popular in the States.

How do Brands and Marketers use Pinterest?

Not surprisingly, there are various ways. Some follow traditional approaches, like giving out coupons or discounts in exchange for likes and re-pins. Others have been more inventive, for example, using Gamification. British Midland International’s (BMI) asked users to re-pin up to 6 of their photographs. BMI then drew a “lottery” at the end of the week and provided the winners with free return flights to any BMI destination.

Companies can use Pinterest to promote brand awareness, but they can also use it to drive traffic to their sites. If you quickly glance through the different boards at Pinterest, you’ll find that fashion retailers have made the most out of Pinterest by posting photos of their products.  Someone likes a post, they click, they go through to the retail site. The question is, does that convert into sales?

Back in April, Mashable quoted the Niraj Shah, the CEO of Wayfair (2nd largest home goods and furniture retailer in the US) as saying that Pinterest referrals were 10% more likely to convert into sales than any other social media referral.  But he thinks there’s still a way to go:

“Pinterest has really taken off. So some things that will come — like an API and ways for a retailer to better integrate for two-way collaboration/sharing with their customers – are a bit down the road. Overall, I think Pinterest is amazing and fantastic.” (siliconangle May 2012)

Here at MGID, our focus has been on promoting the most outstanding content from the MGID network, and engaging our fans. We are all about great images, and so is Pinterest. Sharing images and engaging with our fans, helps to promote our brand, but it also helps drive traffic to mgid.com and our clients, and so becomes an integral part of revenue generation too. Interestingly, many Pinterest fans are also posting content from MGID directly from our website, effectively making them Brand Advocates. There is no hard and fast rule for what marketing methods really work at Pinterest, each company needs to define its own strategy and KPIs. Whatever your path, remember it’s still about content marketing and you need to engage your audience, and provide true value.

22 Feb

Scaling-up CPA campaigns

Wonder how to find out if it's time to scale up?

1)      If you have found a good offer – scale-up. Inform your account manager about the planed volumes.

a. When you’ve found an offer that has a positive ROI tendency – scale-up the campaign. Inform your account manager about the budget you plan for it.

2)      Make sure that there are sufficient funds in your MGID-wallet.

3)      Ensure that you understand the system of auction bidding:

  • “Light content” (humor, cars, interesting gadgets, entertainment etc) do not require high bids
  • “Heavy content” (politics, society, health, finance etc) does require more impressions and thus high bids
  • The higher the bid is, the more impressions a teaser will get. The more impressions a teaser will get and the higher the chance it will be clicked.
  • 4)      Consult your account manager. Experienced and dedicated MGID professionals will create compelling  teasers for you. Please remember that each campaign needs to be updated with new teasers. Optimization is performed to help you understand which teasers are better, and why. Optimization allows you to monitor tendencies, and eventually make every teaser and the campaign profitable.

    5)      Get profit and enjoy!


    • Please know! Raising bids is done immediately, while lowering the bid is done once a day, at 12 AM PST/PDT (Pacific Time – Los Angeles).
    • If you’ve got creative ads ideas for your campaign, then feel free to make teasers yourself! This option is available in the “Ads” section of the MGID Dashboard. Just click “Add the ad” link.
    15 Feb

    Optimization of CPA campaigns

    Each campaign needs to be updated with new teasers. Optimization is performed to help you understand which teasers are better, and why. To make you see the tendency, and eventually make every teaser and the campaign profitable.

    To optimize your CPA campaign follow the steps below:

    1)      Give your campaign some time to show the results. You can evaluate the efficiency of campaign not earlier than after 3-5 thousands of clicks.

    2)      Analyze the teasers in your campaign. Find those, which get clicks without any conversion (“detracting teasers”) and block them, so they won’t “eat” your budget. Thus traffic after optimization will be delivered through “attracting teasers” (those which attract conversions).

    Please mind that minimal amount of clicks per teaser to make a decision regarding its efficiency is 150.

    3)      Define Income per Teaser (IPT) with help of the following formula:

  • Simple: IPT = Earned per Teaser – Spent per Teaser
  • Extended: IPT  = (Earned per Teaser) – (CPC*Delivered clicks per Teaser as to MGID stats)
  • 4)     Analyze the results of calculation:

  • If IPT is a positive value – teaser is profitable. Continue rotating it.
  • If IPT is borderline value – maybe higher volume of clicks is necessary to make the decision
  • If IPT is slightly lower the borderline to be profitable – teaser should get more clicks to be judged of.
  • If IPT is a negative value – teaser brings no profit. You should block it.
  • 5)      Apply changes, unblock the campaign (or ask your manager to do this) and wait 3-5 thousand clicks to be delivered to get the results of optimization.

    6)      After you got the results, make a complete analysis of the offer. If the conversion rate didn’t improve since the optimization and each unblocked teaser’s IPT is lower than its CPC, then we suggest finding another offer.


    • Please remember  at the stage of optimization you shouldn’t delete teasers because it’s irreversible. Just block them.
    • Minimal amount of clicks per teaser to make a decision regarding its efficiency is 150.
    • Remember to use MGID delivered clicks statistics, for analysis purposes, as the budget you spend on the campaign is based on MGID statistics.
    • You might find it difficult to get a positive ROI during the whole test campaign, however watch the tendency! If the ROI is going up since the optimization, then it’s going to bring you above the red line eventually and the offer will soon get you profit you’re expecting.
    19 Oct

    A New Traffic Exchange Relationship Has Been Forged!

    Fem.mgid.com (MGID's female-oriented content site) and FashionTV one of the leading net stops for fashion-related video content are now exchanging traffic to build additional audience.

    FTV entertains and inspires its audience since 1997 by providing an insider’s view of the fashion industry in a highly desired clip-based content. With over 100 hours of new programming each month showcasing the latest trends, major fashion shows, designer events and highlights of fashion industry professionals, FTV offers the most comprehensive and fastest review of fashion anywhere.

    Inspired by the need of attracting new audience by exclusive video content within English-speaking online-community FashionTV has chosen Fem.mgid.com advertising platform for driving maximum traffic in shortest timeframes restricted to 2011 fall.

    “This new relationship now in it's 7th day is showing strong results and demonstrates Fem's strong move into the women-oriented content arena” said Ira Bereza, Fem.mgid.com project manager.

    At present the average CTR is 2.

    Just to recall - Fem is a female version of mgid.com, launched in December 2010.

    18 Oct

    CashGenie Won +21,428 Free Clicks From MGID Network

    A leading Short Term Loan company CashGenie owned and operated in the UK won 21,428 free clicks in the lottery organized at MGID Inc. booth at AdTech London in October 2011. This resulted in 50 000 clicks’ complex advertising campaign with mgid.com and long productive relationship.

    MGID Inc. is a heavy participant of ad:tech events all over the world since 2009 considering professional exhibition events to be an effective communication and business development tool. Usually key advertising market players, leading publishers and dynamic bloggers take part in these shows and become participants of a free traffic lottery traditionally held at MGID booth. This time the winner is Cash Genie UK Ltd, lending services’ provider. After careful consideration of MGID’s network advertising possibilities the company decided on a complex campaign of 50 000 clicks, which is 28,572 clicks more than the prize.

    - Thank you for helping us to find new customers, the quality traffic you brought seems to fit well with our target demographic. We are hoping for a successful initial campaign leading on to several others over the next few years, - said Robert Dunn, Special Projects Manager at Cash Genie.

    NB! We are glad to inform on MGID Inc.’s initiative to take part in ad:tech New York on November 08-10, 2011. So, everyone is invited to join us at booth #1863 for chatting, discussing business matters and of course for becoming a winner of our next free traffic lottery.

    25 Jul

    Monetizing MGID Traffic or When Will I Get Paid?

    Some pro bloggers want to monetize their blogs in any way. It sounds reasonable because professional blogging is like a full time job as a publisher or journalist. It could take even more time and can be count as private entrepreneurship. And it's more than usual to get paid for your job.

    The money question is getting more urgent  when bloggers are asked to put MGID's widget on their blogs. Everything that takes additional place on website should be profitable somehow.

    The answer is simple: by putting MGID's widget on website you will instantly get more traffic and this traffic can be monetized through usual internet ads.

    In one of our previous articles we're talked about internet advertising. You can check it out here for more information.

    20 Jun

    How To Get More Out Of MGID (Part 6)

    Using MGID Flexible Widget (With installation mini-manual)

    The flexible widget is a simple original widget which is stretching through your sidebar to the bottom (or in a desirable range), automaticly adding required amounts of news to fill all available space.

    Let's sum up some advantages of the MGID Flexible widget:

    - unlimited number of news articles shown (limited only by the height of your page space)

    - feeds the space which is vacant but potentially useful

    - vast variety of news categories that could be shown simultaneously because of the news quantity

    - flexible adjustment next to family-friendly content and designed like an original web-page.

    Hot to install the Flexible Widget?

    Once you request MGID News Flexible widget you will be provided with the widget code, which contains the script itself, and the stretching tag.

    To install the Flexible widget you should insert the main part of the code wherever the widget starts. Nine times out of ten this place is the end of the sidebar area/column section.

    The other part - the stretching tag - should be put wherever one wants the widget should be ended. Generally its the footer area or just the bottom of the page.

    Main part of the code:

    <!-- MGID News Widget Start -->
    <div id="MarketGid****"><center>
    <a href="http://mgid.com/" target="_blank">Loading...</a>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var MarketGidDate = new Date();
    document.write('<scr'+'ipt type="text/javascript" '
    + '" charset="utf-8" ></scr'+'ipt>');
    <!-- MGID News Widget End -->

    Stretching tag:

    <span id="MGDW6437"></span>

    To see how Flexible Widget looks like on website check out this Example

    Unlike the simple vertical widget (which is actually limited) this type of widget spans practically the whole free space in the section where it is placed. This allows you to get more page views, clicks and visitors respectively.

    17 Jun

    How To Get More Out Of MGID (Part 5)

    Advantages of MGID's News Pop-Under.

    In this article we will highlight another good way to get more out of MGID. It's the news pop-under. Why is it good for your web-site?

    First of all, it increases traffic to your site. This way, you don't have to find a place to advertise a banner on your homepage that could interfere with your layout and style. MGID's Pop-Under doesn't impede your visitors in any way from viewing your site because it is beneath the page they are reading.

    The News Pop-Under is imperceptible to the user because it remains under any currently open windows on the computer. It is seen when the user closes all his other windows when his current work is finished.

    The Pop-Under will only open one time per unique user per day. The best part is, you can choose the kind of news that is shown according to the needs of your audience, and traffic to your site will increase 150%-200%!

    Example. View the News Pop-Under here.

    Why should you use MGID's new pop-under? Check out the advantages:

    - It can be fully customized.

    Our designers will create the pop-under banner to reflect the unique style of your website, so visitors don't feel like they are seeing just another add.

    - A wide range of settings.

    You can choose categories and even capping (or how often it will be shown to the one unique visitor - the frequency of pop-under)

    - It will always open in new window.

    So it won't annoy readers and interrupt them from viewing your site.

    -  It doesn't take place on your website.

    It's useful when you have a lack of free space on your website.

    - Increases your-readership

    Compared with widgets, pop-under has 5 times higher CTR (click-through rate), which means more traffic and new readers

    - Pop-under can be placed on your website's hosting.

    So all pop-under views will be counted in stats as page views of your site.

    To order a pop-under just fill out this application form.

    Stay tuned for more guides, and contact us if you have any questions!