1 Mar

All you need to know about MGID

To be closer to our clients and publishers we have created a series of guides highlighting different sides of MGID brand.  It's our pleasure to share these guides with you.  We sincerely hope that you will find all the information you were looking for below:

  • Digital advertising platform - general overview of our company and its activities
  • Services - overview of our services
  • Free content promotion - for those who want to promote their content for free
  • Content advertising - a detailed look on content advertising
  • Product Advertising - a detailed look on product advertising
  • Paid widget publishing - describes a completely new way of traffic monetization
  • Please share your comments with us, and we will be glad to improve our service, in order to serve you the best way possible.

    29 Feb

    Complete CPA Guide

    Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission etc) linked to the advertisement. This model proved itself useful among thousands of publishers worldwide. MGID traffic which is being sold on a CPC basis, perfectly suits CPA-type promotions. Using our service, publishers have a marvelous opportunity for additional income.

    We have created the complete CPA guide to help bloggers and publishers master this valuable tool.

    1) Minimum package and restrictions of a CPA-offer
    2) Launch of CPA campaign
    3) Optimization of CPA campaign
    4) Scaling-up CPA campaigns
    5) Managing MGID wallet
    6) Teaser creation and editing guide

    27 Feb

    Teaser creation and editing guide

    Creating teasers is not that difficult. This guide will make you understand how to make it yourself.

    1)     Go to Advertisers --> Bestsellers --> Ads --> Add the ad

    2)     Press “Add the Ad” button

    You’ll be transferred to the teaser creation window

    3) To create compelling teasers follow the steps bellow.


    • Title should be short and catchy. It should make clear what item is being advertised.
    • Be creative, interesting and original.
    • The title should communicate with the visitor, making him understand what product he can buy or what service he can order.

    Advertising text:

    • Text should be original and unique for each teaser. Its main idea is to make a visitor buy a product/service.
    • There may be descriptive information about the product/service or it can be some kind of contextual phrase where specific keywords are matched.


    • Select interesting and bright pictures. You can use a picture from the original site or find a relevant photo from the web.
    • You may only select items with discounts.  When creating a teaser you may show the new and the old price.
    • Use Adobe Photoshop or other graphics editors. Use various logos and splashes - SALES, DISCOUNTS, CRAZY DISCOUNTS, HOT PRICES, FREE SHIPPING, SPECIAL OFFERS, EXTRA 20%/30%/50%/70%, COMPANY LOGO, ONLY $9,99!!! etc. This makes teaser catchy and interesting.
    • Please mind, the splash should be relevant to the offer. “FREE” splash on the teaser that is linked to the product that is actually being sold – is not relevant.


  • Create teasers only for items with discounts (you can show the old and the new price when creating a teaser).
  • You can’t use sexually explicit, horror or offensive pictures. It is also prohibited to use offensive words in the title and advertising.
  • Don’t use same pictures for different teasers
  • Don’t use same advertising text for different teasers
  • Don’t use blurred photos, or low quality photos
  • Don’t use pictures with unreadable text
  • You can’t use photos with celebrities if they aren’t connected to the item which is being advertised
  • Examples of compelling teasers:

    4)      You can edit teasers created by MGID professionals, however keep in mind that changes are irreversible.

    Please mind if you edit teaser’s title/advertising text or picture, the edited teaser is being transferred to quarantine. The newly created teasers are being transferred to quarantine as well, so the content moderator can approve it. Teaser can stay in quarantine from 2 up to 8 hours, depending on the time it was edited.

    5)      To change the bid on the teaser, press on the actual price in the “Price per click, US cents” column. The price is entered in cents. Example – “0.50”.

    Please know! Raising bids is done immediately, while lowering the bid is done once a day, at 12 AM PST/PDT (Pacific Time – Los Angeles).

    Now you may consider yourself ready for creating teasers that will successfully sell your goods and services!

    6 Jan

    MGID Inc. to Participate in Dx3 Canada 2012

    MGID Inc.  will share their professional experiences in online advertising at "Dx3 Canada 2012" Canada's Digital Trade Show on January 25-26, 2012.

    "We are really excited to be a part of this year's Dx3 Canada show. MGID has gained more than 3 years experience in quality digital advertising services in the highly competitive US and European markets. We are eager to share our expertise with Canadian digital professionals." - said Robert Bardunias, Executive Vice President. - "We enjoy helping our clients to grow their businesses, and we consider Canada's digital market as a strategic region to develop our advertising expertise in the coming years. The Dx3 Canada show is an amazing opportunity for MGID Inc."

    Dx3 Canada is the first and only trade show in the country that focuses on digital marketing, advertising and retailing. The show provides the digital community with an effective communication platform, and stimulates sustainable development of the Canadian digital services' market. Taking place on January 25-26th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Dx3 Canada will cover everything from infrastructure to networks, creative to delivery and payment to fulfillment systems.

    MGID is is at DX3,  located at booth  #435. If you want to stop by we would love to chat with you!