22 Feb

Scaling-up CPA campaigns

Wonder how to find out if it's time to scale up?

1)      If you have found a good offer – scale-up. Inform your account manager about the planed volumes.

a. When you’ve found an offer that has a positive ROI tendency – scale-up the campaign. Inform your account manager about the budget you plan for it.

2)      Make sure that there are sufficient funds in your MGID-wallet.

3)      Ensure that you understand the system of auction bidding:

  • “Light content” (humor, cars, interesting gadgets, entertainment etc) do not require high bids
  • “Heavy content” (politics, society, health, finance etc) does require more impressions and thus high bids
  • The higher the bid is, the more impressions a teaser will get. The more impressions a teaser will get and the higher the chance it will be clicked.
  • 4)      Consult your account manager. Experienced and dedicated MGID professionals will create compelling  teasers for you. Please remember that each campaign needs to be updated with new teasers. Optimization is performed to help you understand which teasers are better, and why. Optimization allows you to monitor tendencies, and eventually make every teaser and the campaign profitable.

    5)      Get profit and enjoy!


    • Please know! Raising bids is done immediately, while lowering the bid is done once a day, at 12 AM PST/PDT (Pacific Time – Los Angeles).
    • If you’ve got creative ads ideas for your campaign, then feel free to make teasers yourself! This option is available in the “Ads” section of the MGID Dashboard. Just click “Add the ad” link.
    7 Feb

    Launch of CPA campaigns

    Follow a step-by-step guide below to get started:

    1)      Choose the offer which you would like to advertise. Make sure that the region in which this offer is accessible, corresponds to the available GEO-targeting.

    2)      Consult your account manager regarding  the current recommended bid and if the particular offer can be promoted in the desired region (e.g. online gambling is prohibited for advertising in USA, and several other regions).

    3)      Use direct referral links which allow to insert each teaser’s ID (subID=). It lets you track conversion and profit for each teaser in dashboard of your affiliate network.

    For example:

    MaxBounty - www.mb01.com/lnk.asp?o=3348&c=918273&a=97307&s1=22224

    "s1=*******" – variable where you can put teasers’ ID.

    PeerFly - peerfly.com/click.php?img=0&id=4209&pf=51699&subid=521130

    "subid=521130" -   variable where you can put teasers’ ID.

    Screen from user’s dashboard (PeerFly). You can see teasers ID, conversion and EPC.

    4) Check if everything is ready:

  • Targeting (GEO)
  • Price (CPC)
  • Volume (in $ or in clicks)
  • Referral links with subID tracking
  • 5)   Sign the IO, which your account manager will provide you with.

    6)  Make the first payment (pre-pay) and your account manager will create and launch your campaign.

    7)   Give your campaign some time to show the results. You can evaluate the efficiency of campaign not earlier than after 3-5 thousands of clicks. Consult your manager if getting the mentioned amount of clicks will take more time than expected.


  • Don’t take offers with duration which is less than a month.
  • Don’t create the additional landing-pages (transit-pages).
  • If you don’t have a manager please fill this form.