26 Mar

MGID in Numbers (according to comScore)

MGID team is happy to present the result of company's business activity in numbers for 2013. Data and stats, verified by comScore - a leading internet technology company in analytics, were throughly analyzed and compiled to create short and clear presentations for our users, vistors, clients and natvie advertising business insiders.

MGID Network (US) stats for February-December 2013 (11 months):


Fem MGID Network (US) stats for March-December 2013 (10 months):


MGID Network (World Reach) stats for 2013:  


Don't hesitate to contact us to discover the new opportunities for your business today.   

25 Feb

Native Advertising Playbook by IAB

 In order to establish industry standards, lexicon, evaluation framework & disclosure principles IAB has released a Native Advertising Playbook recently. It provides guidance for publishers, agencies & marketers on successfully leveraging native advertising in campaigns.

Marketers are already embracing native strategies and publishers are looking for a roadmap that will allow them to take full advantage of the trend,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB. “The more we can define and structure the framework surrounding native advertising, the easier we will make it for brands to easily incorporate it into their ad buys.

You can read and download the playbook here.

28 Oct

Want to know how MGID increases engagement?

We're happy to present the new video. It will give you an idea of how our audience development feature functions. Use it if you want to increase engagement, returning visitors, your ad revenue and PPVs spectacularly.

5 Jun

MGID reaches both sides of the Atlantic

One of the most innovative digital advertising companies MGID Inc. has finished gathering the stats concerning its global reach and impact on the world of Internet marketing. Together with comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics, MGID Inc. was able to get the most accurate and up-to-date figures.

comScore’s intelligent data gathering and analysis mechanisms allowed MGID to obtain and showcase its key measures, demographics, GEO and genuine reach in the US, UK and Canada. Generalized data for the world reach was prepared by MGID’s analytical department. The obtained stats delineate the crucial role of the company in the modern digital media world.

World reach (April 2013):

US, UK, Canada reach (April):

"Data generated by comScore gives a deep insight into the efficiency and reach of our business. Figures, as well as actions, speak louder than words, that's why we believe that they will give our customers a better vision of our brand and will as well increase the willingness of publishers, advertisers, affiliate marketers and webmasters to form long-term relationships with MGID Inc.” - said Robert Bardunias, Executive Vice President of MGID Inc.

Full editions of presentations for MGID and Fem MGID with extensive GEO, demographic and other stats for the US, the UK and Canada can be requested from MGID representatives at mgid.com.

 - ends -


For further editorial information, images or to arrange interviews with MGID experts please contact Selina.khuttan@mgid.com or call +44 203 002 7763

About MGID:

MGID is the world’s largest audience development platform uniting thousands of websites together on a network of premium publishers.

Founded in 2008 MGID attracts over 20 million unique visitors per month. MGID has global offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Kiev. www.mgid.com

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23 Oct

MGID Grows Traffic for Sports and Gaming Websites


Digital media giant MGID Inc. announces the launch of their Sports and Gaming sub-networks. These networks were created for advertisers and publishers who want to attract more high quality and relevant traffic to their websites, increasing their audience in an intelligent way.

The new MGID Inc. initiative will cater to the growing Sports and Gaming categories in a way which ease the process of increasing pages viewed through the rise of relevant users. Many reputable websites with premium content from their respective categories, have already joined the new sub-networks and are enjoying its benefits.

"The launch of these two highly anticipated sub-networks, resulted from long discussions with partners and clients, as well as users – who are our core focus." - commented, Nick Marr, Company Director (MGID Europe). "These sub-networks open some very attractive opportunities for websites with Sports and Gaming content. I believe the Sports and Gaming sub-networks will allow relevant websites to see their traffic growth potential explode.” 

Being a part of the Sports and Gaming sub-networks allow advertisers and publishers to:

- Get a 10%-15% increase in page views
- Increase the number of relevant unique visits
- Raise in ads revenue from banner impressions
- Get the opportunity to promote/advertise content on a huge network of websites
- Save money – MGID does it for free and it’s an easy process to start

Example of a gaming widget

Example of a sports widget

19 Oct

Digital Marketing Resources: Top 5

Digital marketing resources on the Internet are more common than cups of coffee in the office on a Monday morning. Here’s the top 5 that MGID loves the very best. If you have a favorite resource and we’ve missed it, please post your vote in the comments section of our blog.


With over 25 million visitors monthly, Mashableis the go-to site for social media news, and favorite for digital marketers everywhere. If it’s cutting edge and digital, Mashable is interested. By allowing its followers to participate and communicate with its authors, the site promotes engagement and generates a strong sense of community. Mashable understands the importance of digital marketing and its innovative techniques and tools have inspired people and companies to get online, share great content and get noticed.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Landis our favorite go-to hub for the latest news and information on search engine marketing, search engine issues and the Search industry as a whole. Every digital marketer aims to get good results for their companies out there in search land, and whether you are using SEM or SEO, or a magic mix, here’s a site to help you out. Search Engine Land was founded in 1997 by search guru Danny Sullivan. For checking top tips on mobile SEO, or reading up on the latest changes to Google algorithms, Search Engine Land is the business.

Digital Doughnut

In March 2008 Digital Doughnutwas founded by the people who created the digital marketing group on Linkedin, 4 years later the community within Digital Doughnut has risen to over 200 000 members. Predominantly UK based Digital Doughnut:  “has been created by digital marketers for digital marketers…  to inform, inspire and lead digital marketing conversation within the UK.” Digital Doughnut strives to be the go-to people for all information about digital marketing. They provide easy access to information about jobs , events, strategy and practice. Like Mashable they encourage active engagement from their members to promote connected intelligence.


Linkedin is the place on the web for professional networking. If you’re looking to expand your industry contacts or perhaps even develop new leads, the powerful Linkedin site is a must. Current membership stands at 175000 and they gain a new member every 2 seconds. This social network for work professionals allows members to actively look for jobs, read work related articles and build new partnerships with the aim to better their professional connections. Not only does it allow a safe environment to self-promote, but it also allows its population to become active members within their professional communities, as well as take part and learn about other professional environments. There are many digital marketing Groups for example the MGIDGroup, a discussion hub for cutting edge developments in the digital marketing industry.


Pinterest is the latest star-child of the social media family, the fastest growing website in the sky. It’s based on the very simple idea of sharing your favorite images with your friends and world. Their demographic is mostly female, and images of celebrities, food, fashion, unique artist paintings all do well.  Launched in March 2010, nine months after the launch date Pinterest gained 10,000 users, Pinterest gains 100 million unique visitors monthly, and recently ComScore reported that the site had 11.7 million unique visitors per month. Business of course needs to be where the customers spend time, and Pinterest has taken the digital marketing world by storm. For more information on how brands are marketing themselves using Pinterest, check out our recent blog post

8 Oct

MGID launches advanced GEO-targeting features


MGID Inc., the leader in digital marketing announces the launch of its Advanced GEO-Targeting System® features, which allows advertisers to push the limits realizing maximum potential from their ad-campaigns!

The technology behind the new extended targeting opportunities allows advertisers to target not only all countries, but also particular regions within these countries. The update is applicable only for clients who use our services on the bidding basis. It has been thoroughly tested and is now ready for use by MGID’s network partners.

Aside from the introduced features MGID Inc. is developing a city-targeting feature that will be available very soon.

“Thanks to the targeting options recently presented by our company, advertisers will be able to choose from a wider range of ad campaign settings.” - said Robert Bardunias, Executive Vice President of MGID Inc. “It allows our clients to create incredibly sophisticated campaigns with targeting features that correspond to their precise advertising/demographic needs. We are convinced that our customers will be delighted when they use the MGID Advanced GEO-Targeting System®.”

In order to use the new targeting-features, please consult your traffic expert, and he/she will be glad to assist you with the advanced GEO-targeting adjustments.

9 Sep

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is the world’s most clickable celebrity this summer


Actress ranks top of MGID’s Click Factor - the top 10 celebs consumers felt compelled to click on.

Kristen Stewart – who rose to fame as Bella Swan in the Twilight films – is summer 2012’s most clickable celebrity. Web traffic generator MGID’s Click Factor ranked the American actress as the celebrity consumers felt most compelled to click on during the period June 1st to August 31st 2012.

With a Click Factor of 9 the Twilight star topped the list. Second place went to singer Beyonce with a Click Factor of 8, while rapper Nicki Minaj came third with a Click Factor of 7.3. Surprisingly the results revealed that singer Justin Bieber – the world’s most Googled celebrity – only ranked ninth, with a Click Factor of just 2.7. Since the summer Click Factor scores are calculated from the beginning of June to the end of August, Prince Harry only just squeezed onto the list in last place following his late August exploits in Las Vegas.

MGID measures the Click Factor from the Internet user clicks generated via the MGID widgets that many thousands online publishers display on their websites. MGID’s widgets have a reach of 120 million people. The widgets display compelling editorial teasers – an image and a descriptive headline – developed by MGID’s expert team. These teasers attract Internet users’ attention and encourage them to click on the links for more information, taking them through to a publisher’s or advertiser’s website.

The MGID Click Factor is calculated using criteria including the number of times people clicked on teasers about celebrities, how many articles online publishers produced about each celebrity and the average amount of click-throughs per teaser.

MGID’s widgets appear below articles on websites, rather than the more typical advertising spaces above and beside publisher’s content. Online publishers carrying MGID’s widgets are rewarded in two ways: by gaining revenue for carrying teasers to advertorials or by receiving more traffic to their website.

MGID Click Factor Summer 2012 results:





Kristen Stewart






Nicki Minaj



Selena Gomez



Kim Kardashian



Emma Watson



Megan Fox



Sunny Leone



Justin Bieber



Prince Harry


Nick Marr, Director of MGID, said: “People find our teaser articles compellingly clickable because we make them about celebrities, issues and products that they care about. The 120 million reach of our widgets coupled with our editorial expertise drives web users to the quality content offered by our worldwide network of many thousands of publishers.”

 “The enduring popularity of the Twilight saga combined with R-Patz and K-Stew’s romance hitting the rocks made the editorial teasers MGID’s team created about her extremely popular with web users, establishing her as summer’s most compellingly clickable celebrity.”

“Advertising banners are now standard website furniture. Consumers are so used to seeing banners that they no longer effectively engage with them. MGID attracts Internet users by creating compellingly clickable content and placing it below articles, rather than in the banner-dominated space at the top of web pages.”

MGID at Ad:TechLondon

Nick Marr will be presenting "How to use celebrities to drive traffic” at digital marketing event Ad:Tech at 15.50 on Wednesday, 19th September 2012.

The presentation will reveal how major brands and publishers of all types are using celebrities to increase traffic & revenue, and how content driven traffic helps to grow businesses in an economic downturn.

MGID will be exhibiting at Ad:Tech on stand 210.

 - ends -


For further editorial information, images or to arrange interviews with MGID experts please contact mgid@pwkpr.com or call +44 20 7609 1900

About MGID:

MGID is the largest audience development platform in the world. It unites many thousands of websites in its network and MGID’s widgets have a reach of 120 million people.  According to the respected independent authority Alexa.com, the MGID website is one of the top 200 in the world.

The MGID platform offers a new and powerful way to advertise products, services and website content via the world’s largest audience development network of premium publishers. MGID also provides publishers and advertisers with quality content, increased traffic and more site visitors.


About Ad:Tech

Ad:Tech takes place on the 19th -20th September 2012 at the National Hall,Olympia,Hammersmith Road,London,W14 8UX.

To attend, visit http://www.ad-techlondon.co.uk.

18 Jul

New website design and launch of an OS targeting feature

The largest audience development platform in the world MGID Inc. announces the launch of the new website design. The new website provides improved navigation, simplified support and reflects the new direction of MGID Inc. development. 

The redesigned website, presents the company's core message in a new light with stronger impact. It embodies MGID's far-seeing vision and commitment to the growing needs of its clients.

"Our company has expanded and grown so much recently, we really felt that it was time for new look and feel to the website."   - commented, Nick Marr, Company Director (MGID Europe). "The new website is easier to use, and it shows the new face of MGID Inc. I believe our clients are going to love it."

Besides the launch of the new website design, MGID Inc. has introduced the new OS targeting feature in order to upgrade the quality of service provided to publishers and bloggers worldwide. Now publishers can select MAC OS X targeting for the special needs of their campaigns, making them more efficient in terms of addressing their target audiences.

 "We have studied the needs of our clients carefully, and felt the necessity of the OS targeting feature introduction. We are convinced that this feature will help our clients to reach their target audiences in a more intelligent way.” - said Robert Bardunias, Executive Vice President of MGID Inc.

4 Jul

How to Market Your Brand on Pinterest

With more than 100 million visitors every month, Pinterest is now officially the 3rd largest social media network in the world, with Twitter and Facebook heading up the pack. That’s a huge number of potential customers.  Even more interesting for marketers, according to a recent study, is that an average of  9% of Pinterest follow retailers, which is more than any other social media.

Pinterest is all about sharing great images. You pin the ones you love, share them with your friends, and they do the same. Most users are 25 – 55 and most users, about 70% are female.  Pinterest users also have above average incomes.  The site is especially popular in the States.

How do Brands and Marketers use Pinterest?

Not surprisingly, there are various ways. Some follow traditional approaches, like giving out coupons or discounts in exchange for likes and re-pins. Others have been more inventive, for example, using Gamification. British Midland International’s (BMI) asked users to re-pin up to 6 of their photographs. BMI then drew a “lottery” at the end of the week and provided the winners with free return flights to any BMI destination.

Companies can use Pinterest to promote brand awareness, but they can also use it to drive traffic to their sites. If you quickly glance through the different boards at Pinterest, you’ll find that fashion retailers have made the most out of Pinterest by posting photos of their products.  Someone likes a post, they click, they go through to the retail site. The question is, does that convert into sales?

Back in April, Mashable quoted the Niraj Shah, the CEO of Wayfair (2nd largest home goods and furniture retailer in the US) as saying that Pinterest referrals were 10% more likely to convert into sales than any other social media referral.  But he thinks there’s still a way to go:

“Pinterest has really taken off. So some things that will come — like an API and ways for a retailer to better integrate for two-way collaboration/sharing with their customers – are a bit down the road. Overall, I think Pinterest is amazing and fantastic.” (siliconangle May 2012)

Here at MGID, our focus has been on promoting the most outstanding content from the MGID network, and engaging our fans. We are all about great images, and so is Pinterest. Sharing images and engaging with our fans, helps to promote our brand, but it also helps drive traffic to mgid.com and our clients, and so becomes an integral part of revenue generation too. Interestingly, many Pinterest fans are also posting content from MGID directly from our website, effectively making them Brand Advocates. There is no hard and fast rule for what marketing methods really work at Pinterest, each company needs to define its own strategy and KPIs. Whatever your path, remember it’s still about content marketing and you need to engage your audience, and provide true value.